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    The group had many concerns relating to the proposed playground and village hall to be sited in Central Mead. Many reasons were stated as to why the playground would be a significant burden on the community and there was good support for the suggestion that such a facility should replace the aged equipment in May Close, being nearer to where most people live and would be more cost effective.

    Concerns were raised as to the way that children/teenagers currently use Central Mead and the adjacent woods which are owned by the Old Smithy which was felt wasn’t managed very well. A new playground would potentially attract unwanted attention potentially resulting in significant vandalism and other abuse as has been seen at other locations around the island. The proposed location for the playground is shielded visually from nearby houses by the woods, trees and high fences making it difficult to protect.

    Should the planned facilities appear in Central Mead, the Parish Council could well need considerable extra funds to handle the ongoing maintenance and that would incur further costs by Godshill residents.

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