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    It was pointed out that Godshill has pitifully little information on public display for visitors. Also, what little information there is, is years out of date. It was also stated that there is no information provided on the fascinating history of Godshill village with its connection to Royal visitors, the Church and so much more. The Parish Council have within their remit, the ability to financially support local tourism to keep the village economy active, all year round.

    Looking at other notice boards in villages around the Island, Niton is a good example, information about the village as well as Parish business, accounts, meetings, audits etc are far better displayed and let local people know what’s going on in the community. Godshill Parish Council provide only the absolute minimum information and are not considered proactive. Monthly they post a meeting agenda on the noticeboard and a copy of minutes can be found on a hook just inside the door to the Post Office.

    It was also pointed out that the Parish Council website, with the exception of legally required documents, agendas and a majority of minutes, is more than a year out of date on just about all other information. In addition, both agendas and minutes are so brief as to be of very little value to residents.

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