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    Speeding traffic through the village has been a source of complaint for many years. Tourist traffic often gets a lot of the blame, however, like a lot of other areas on the Island, it is local drivers that are as much to blame – probably more so. The meeting discussed, at length, a range of possible measures that could be introduced in order to slow down the traffic. However, it was discovered that many of the ideas could not practically be achieved. For example, any form of pedestrian crossing requires a pavement on both sides of the road. The High Street only has pavement on one side of the road.

    It appears that any suggestions made to Island Roads are met with a statements about insufficient funds. It was agreed that we need to find a way to work with Island Roads to help them provide some solutions.

    Suggestions made included speed cameras, traffic lights, chicanes, dummy yellow Gatso boxes and speed humps.

    Danny mentioned that he had previously offered the front of The Olive Tree to Island Roads to put a pavement in place, this kind offer was rejected by Island roads. Danny has witnessed at least 3 Road Traffic Incidents at the front of The Olive Garden in the past 3 weeks.

    None of the Road Traffic Incidents have been reported to the Police, this is mainly due to the pedestrians who feel it was minor and not requiring emergency intervention. PLEASE REMEMBER: Report all incidents, no matter how minor! Without reporting, we have no evidence for the need for Change.

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