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    It is very obvious from observing the High Street when there are pedestrians, that almost all motorists either have no real knowledge of the Highway Code or choose to totally ignore it.

    If you walk along the High Street when there is traffic, chances are that when you need to walk in the road as there is no footpath, cars will pass within centimetres of you.

    In section 163 of the Highway Code it says:

    • allow at least 2 metres of space and keep to a low speed when passing a pedestrian who is walking in the road (for example, where there is no pavement)
    • take extra care and give more space when overtaking motorcyclists, cyclists, horse riders, horse drawn vehicles and pedestrians in bad weather (including high winds) and at night
    • you should wait behind the motorcyclist, cyclist, horse rider, horse drawn vehicle or pedestrian and not overtake if it is unsafe or not possible to meet these clearances.

    I have been tempted on several occasions to strike the door mirrors of approaching cars so they are aware that they are within centimetres of me – perhaps I should get an iron glove first!


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